Construction Project Management

Integrity. Expertise. Collaboration.

We’ll be the first to admit that a third-party Project Manager or Project Management Services Provider (PMSP) isn’t necessary for every construction project, but when they are necessary, you’ll quickly realize their value. A good Project Manager will justify their fee and more by efficiently managing resources and stakeholders while eliminating re-work.

What Exactly is a Project Manager?

Project Managers are employed in every industry to coordinate the delivery of unique products and services. Internal Project Managers are often called upon to coordinate projects while maintaining other roles within the organization unless there is a dedicated Project Management Office (PMO), while external Project Managers are brought in when the project scope falls outside of the internal team’s usual area of practice.

Erith’s specialty is managing unique and challenging building projects from concept to completion, acting as an extension of the client’s team and a hub for all involved stakeholders. We represent the best interests of our clients and the project as a whole, ensuring the build process is as smooth an efficient as possible.

A few of the many circumstances when Erith can add value to your project(s) include when:

  • You require a subject matter expert to manage design and construction on your behalf
  • Your project requires procuring contractors, consultants, and specialists outside of your usual scope of practice
  • You understand the value of having a construction professional managing the project risks and objectives on your behalf throughout the entire project life-cycle
  • You are busy in your role in the organization and appreciate the need for a resource that will be dedicated in responding immediately to project demands

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