Construction Project Management

Project Management for Public Owners

Whether you represent a city, a county, or a rural municipality you will undoubtedly have a wealth of subject matter experts in various fields of practice, but do you have an expert available to assemble and manage the overarching process of design, procurement, and delivery of a facilities or building project? Contact us to discuss the services we can provide to assist you in your project, including:

  • Feasibility studies, existing facility life-cycle assessments, and needs analyses for new facility or building projects
  • Team procurement and management: from architects, to engineers, to specialty consultants, to builders and specialty trades – from inception to completion we have the expertise and experience to build and manage your team of specialists
  • Expert advice on contract management and forms of construction procurement available and current in the marketplace
  • Technical expertise and oversight during design and planning phases to ensure that schedules, budgets, and contract documents are developed efficiently in a manner that can be executed without undue and costly changes and re-work
  • On-demand project representation and control during planning, design, construction, and turn over to supplement or backstop internal resource availability